What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also called natural or organic results, refers to website optimization for visitors. SEO applies a set of techniques that help improve the ranking of a website to position it first in the search results of Google. Examples of searches are plumber in Buenos Aires or buy an iPhone.

What is SEO used for?

If you want your customers to find you on the Internet, SEO is the most powerful tool for that. In fact, 93% of people make use of a search engine when trying to access the Internet and more than 90% only looks at results appearing on the first page. Besides, 70% of people will click a natural result rather than a paid ad.

SEO agency


Diagnostic Process: we check your website, we analyze the industry segment, identify who are the main competitors, and then we define key words. At this point, any technical adjustments required are applied to make your website responsive to the SEO strategies.

Optimization: we first will check that all the tehnical parameters of your website are OK.

Positioning: once the website is already optimized, we start developing content, advertise content in social networks and enhance several parameters to boost the web page ranking.

Follow-up: after a thorough analysis of the evolution of position and traffic, we make necessary adjustments.


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