SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also called natural or organic results, refers to website optimization for visitors. SEO applies a set of techniques that help improve the ranking of a website to position it first in the search results of Google. Examples of searches are “plumber in Buenos Aires” or “buy an iPhone.”
If you want your customers to find you on the Internet, SEO is the most powerful tool for that. In fact, 93% of people make use of a search engine when trying to access the Internet and more than 90% only looks at results appearing on the first page. Besides, 70% of people will click a natural result rather than a paid ad.
Yes, but in Argentina, France, and the world in general, Google is the one most frequently used, representing 95% of the market share.
There are hundreds of parameters Google take into account for the purpose of classifying websites. The formula is top secret. However, a website can be made rank better if working on several sets of ten key known parameters. Parameters are classified into two categories: onsite (within the own website) and offsite (within the website environment).
No, Google result can be totally guaranteed. Nevertheless, if we take up your case, it means we believe your website has a really good chance to have success if managed applying SEO strategies.
In order to reply to this question, two aspects must be taken into account. On the one hand, remember that results cannot be 100% guaranteed; on the other hand, bear in mind that the competition and the segment of the industry are truly significant and vary a lot depending on the case. However, we dare say—as an example—that the first results will come to light after 3 months; and then 6 months are needed before we can expect sound results… In one year you may have full successful results!
If you choose Google’s Adwords paid campaign, you will have search results immediately appearing on the first page and visitors will promptly come to your site. But once you stop paying or you run out of budget, your website will stop appearing there. Ranking and position is something that requires patience and perseverance: a medium/long-term investment. But once you rank among the first page results, the number of visitors coming to your website will be higher and for free.
Ranking and position activities can never be stopped. Once you reach to the top, you have to work to keep up there. However, traffic and results drive you to continue!